Covid-19 Information

The next few months are going to be a learning curve for us all. With this in mind, we ask you to adhere to government policies and our own while you are on our premises. 

Whilst we have spent hours deciding on what we think is best for our space, we will inevitably miss some things. We will not be offended if you have any advice or criticism of how we are running things. We want you to feel safe + welcome, regardless of how long you spend with us. Of course, are doing everything we can to keep our space as clean as possible + our cleaning schedule is being constantly reviewed as we attempt a more normal service. As our staff return to work, we will give them all the help and guidance that they need to be comfortable + capable in our new situation.

Takeaway collections

When you come in for your collection, please maintain social distancing.

Your order will be placed on the bar. We will step back, + then you will be welcome to pick it up.

We do not feel the need to set up screens, and a one way system is not practical for our space, so unless you need to use the card terminal, please do not go beyond the bar area. Hand sanitiser will be available for you to use.

We have made the decision to not wear face masks or gloves, as we feel it will give us a false sense of hygiene security. 

Sit down diners

We are required to keep each visiting household's contact details for three weeks after your visit to help the NHS contact tracing system. We will be unable to sit down anyone who does not provide their telephone number or email address. 

Initially, we would appreciate a pre order if you are sitting down for your meal. We will have a maximum of six tables each night, and will only use each table once per evening to allow time for proper cleaning alongside our takeaway service. This will be relaxed as we become more confident with our timings, procedures + government advice. We are very conscious of our own welfare, and request that you do not visit Alice or other staff in the kitchen + wash room. 

Over the summer, we will keep our front and back doors open for ventilation but we will not turn on the ceiling fans in case virus particles are present and could spread. 

This page will be updated as necessary.



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